Two Hole Adjustable Drill


Handle drilling now is easier than ever before, with the new adjustable drilling machine for kitchen doors and furniture.

Drills adjust pneumatically to any distance to meet your requirements, fast and accurate just by pressing a button. Minimum distance 1-1/2” and maximum 5” centre to centre. There are 6 different adjustable settings for your immediate requirements. Fits all Drill bits with 10 MM shank. The drilling cycle is accomplished by simply pressing the push button. To stop the cycle we have provided you with an emergency button. Moveable fence from 0” to 6” deep and 2 adjustable stops provided. More can be made available.



  • Specially designed for kitchen and furniture doors
  • 2 adjustable spindles move to 6 preset stops
  • Fast and accurate just by pressing a button
  • Adjustable fence with indicator for depth adjustment


  • Contact us for details


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