DH-2N Hinge Inserting Machine

Double Head For Medium To High Volume Production


  • Fast setup from small to large doors
  • User-friendly movable head which is easy to move to the pre-set stops
  • Pneumatic lock allows drilling at any distance
  • Quick change hopper magazines with a loading capacity of 35 hinges
  • Insertion slide with UHMW non-wearing plastic
  • Creates chip-free bores on melamine and
  • other sensitive materials by drilling from below
  • Boring heads with hard gears and spindles
  • Linear bearings on slides for up and down movement
  • No tools required for precision depth adjustments
  • Double safety controls with metal detectors and photo eye, prevents boring unit from cycling again into the previously installed hinge
  • Dust extraction hoods with 4″ diameters
  • Minimum closing distance between heads is 7″, 180mm
  • Maximum opening distance is 60″, 1520mm (other sizes available upon request)
  • PLC control and proximity sensors
  • Emergency cord switch


  • 2 HP motors, 3600 RPM, 220-440, 600V 3-phase
  • Cycle time approximately 4 seconds
  • Compressed air 90 PSI
  • Weighs approximately 600kg
  • Dimensions: 80″ long, 32″ wide, 50″ high


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