Louver Drill for Window Shutters


  • Fully automatic drilling machine for louver blades in 3 different widths that can be changed quickly
  • Loading magazine holds approximately 50 pieces
  • Machine works automatically by picking a piece from the magazine, positioning it into the drilling station, and extracting automatically to the out feed bars
  • Machine stops automatically when magazine is empty
  • Easy to operate and fast change over
  • Drills Approximately 20 pieces per minute
  • One operator required


  • 110V, single phase
  • 2 motors, 1/3 HP each
  • 90 lbs air required
  • Linear bearings in boring heads
  • Minimum opening 8″, maximum 36″
  • PLC controls
  • Size of machine: 48″ wide, 72″ long 50″ high
  • Colour: white
  • Weight: approximately 350 lbs


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