Panel Stacking System


This is a stacking system that can be used in any panel saw for high production. This system helps the operator stack panels by only pushing slightly on the floating tables. With this procedure the lifting is eliminated saving labor and avoiding operator’s back injuries. This system can be customized according your need; the material can be stacked on palettes or directly to power conveyor line. Also, the system can be used for palletizing deferent products, such as, cardboard boxes.



  • Size 48”x 88”
  • 4000 lbs capacity scissor
  • One in feed power conveyor 8′ long (for empty palettes)
  • One 8′ power conveyor on scissor lift
  • One 8′ power Outfeed conveyor
  • Floating table, (size according to layout )
  • 600/ 440/220V 3 phase
  • PLC control
  • Working pressure 90 PSI
  • Physical size 8′ x 9′
  • Weight approx. 1500 lbs


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